keen keen [kiːn] adjective
1. if competition is keen, people are trying very hard to get an advantage over others doing the same thing:

• Business has become scarcer, competition keener and profit margins slimmer.

• These properties are likely to attract keen bidding in a buoyant property market.

— keenly adverb :

• the keenly-competitive pasta sauce market

2. keen prices, rates etc are low when compared to competitors' prices etc:

• London's present system provides keen prices for actively traded stocks.

• the opportunity to achieve the keenest interest rates

3. if someone is keen, they are very eager or interested in doing something:

• Investors already have shown keen interest in the $100 million issue.

keen on

• Japanese investors are keen on obtaining more foreign assets.

keen to do something

• The Swiss group is said to be keen to buy a stake in the company.

— keenly adverb :

• He is keenly interested in a possible deal.

* * *

keen UK US /kiːn/ adjective
if competition between people or businesses is keen, they are using a lot of effort to be more successful than the others: »

Some firms are diversifying their businesses in response to keen competition.

UK if prices are keen, they are lower and offer more value than others: »

Superstores may offer keen prices that small-town shops cannot match.

UK very interested in something or eager to do something: »

A keen member of two local investment clubs, he runs portfolios of shares for both himself and his wife.

a keen interest in sth »

Among the foundation's donors are corporations with a keen interest in issues before the legislature.

keen on sth »

Like every banker these days, he is keen on managing other people's wealth.

keen to do sth »

The company is keen to expand beyond the UK.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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